Instructions for Use of SilverStream Solution

SilverStream® is a hypertonic buffered solution, with hydrogel properties and a pleasant odor, for wound management and maintenance of wound moisture level. SilverStream® is a clear, colorless solution, protected from microbial contamination by a low concentration of ionic silver and supplied in 100ml, 250ml and 500ml bottles.

Role Of Silver Nitrate Solution Dressings Over Conventional Dressings in Chronic Lower Limb Ulcers

Chronic leg ulcers are a significant cause of morbidity in developing countries like India, leading to excessive health care expenses and loss of effective work hours. Various novel methods are available, like vacuum assisted closure, offloading technique nanosilver dressings etc, in order to facilitate earlier recovery with a varied response among the patients.

A Comparitive Study of Efficacy of SilverStream vs. Povidone Iodine in Healing Diabetic Ulcers

Diabetic ulcers affect morbidity, mortality and QOL of patients. Wound debridement and dressing using antiseptics are part of standard treatment. Silver stream solution containing silver ions, menthol, glycerol and surfactant has shown promising results in chronic DFU. But no clinical trials have been conducted yet. The aim of the study was to compare effectiveness of silver stream solution with traditionally used povidone iodine in healing diabetic ulcers.

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Taiwan – SilverStream Saves Lives

Nearly 500 people were injured in a severe explosion at Taiwan water park. SilverStream Medical offered medical aid to the accident casualties. In order to provide the best medical care, relieve pain and accelerate healing, the Ministry of Health in Taiwan has expedited the regulatory procedure and urgently approved the use of SilverStream to treat the injured.

Role of Silver Nitrate Solution Dressings Over Conventional Dressings in Chronic Lower Limb Ulcers

Objective: To Study the effect of silver nitrate solution over conventional dressings in management of chronic lower limb ulcers. Conclusion: :Silver nitrate solution dressings appears more effective when compared with conventional dressings in the treatment of chronic lower limb ulcers, with effectively lower duration of hospital stay and earlier return to work.