Edgar B. Gonzalez

CEO, CFO, Director

Mr. Gonzalez has over 30 years of experience in Business Finance and Corporate Management. He has led the International Community in Distribution Contracts, Financing, and Manufacturing. Mr. Gonzalez is considered a stakeholder in the Federal Drug Administration and has participated with them for many years. Mr. Gonzalez has been the Executive Vice President of Global Wholehealth since 2019 but at the beginning of 2023, he was unanimously voted by the Board of Directors to Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Gonzalez also sits on the Board.

Previously, Mr. Gonzalez founded and was Chief Executive Officer of California Investments which he owned and operated for 25 years and exceeded sales of over 700 million dollars worldwide. His pragmatic vision and ability to communicate clearly with a strategic focus make Mr. Gonzalez an asset to the future Global Wholehealth Partners Corporation.