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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of wounds can be treated with SilverStream®?

The SilverStream® Solution address the majority of wounds, including: Stasis (Venous) Ulcers, Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU), Pressure Ulcers (Bed Sores), Post Surgical Ulcers, 1st & 2nd-degree Burns, Cuts, Abrasions & Minor Skin Irritations.

What are the advantages of SilverStream®?

  1. Provides Continuous Debridement, Reduces Inflammation, Promotes Blood Circulation, & Stimulates Tissue Granulation.
  2. Promotes & Balances Moisture, Penetrates Deeper into the Wound Surface, Facilitates the Absorption & Reduction of Exudates, Prevents Maceration.
  3. Destroys Biofilm, Prevents Re-Infection; No Bacterial Resistance, Inhibits the Growth of Bacteria, Yeast, and Fungi.
  4. Soothing Effect during the Treatment, Reduces Pain & Eliminates Odor, Improves Look & Appearance of Skin.
  5. Non toxic, Non cytotoxic, No Argyria, No Coloring & No Staining.
  6. Contains no Steroids or Antibiotics.
  7. Contains no Alcohol or Todine.
  8. Won’t harm healthy tissue.

What makes SilverStream® far more effective in closing chronic wounds more rapidly than other formulations?

The unique formulation of SilverStream®’s ingredients and their non-toxic, non-cytotoxic properties, stimulate the growth of granulation tissue. While preserving the natural PH of the body (i.e., 7.4) SilverStream®™ provides the body with natural conditions to heal it self, while (at the same time) it prevents maceration and facilitates the absorption and reduction of exudates while keeping the wound moist for longer periods (due to the hydrogel property) thus accelerating the wound healing process.

How can it be that only 0.01% of Silver Ions can have such strong antimicrobial efficacy?

As part of SilverStream® formation, there is a synergic effect between the silver ions and menthol, which enhances the penetration of silver ions through the bacteria cell wall into the bacteria. This enabled us to ensure that the concentration of silver ions remains below the toxic and cytotoxic levels.

Why does SilverStream® have Hydrogel properties? How do such properties assist in chronic wound management?

The presence of a high concentration of hygroscopic glycerol gives SilverStream® its hydrogel properties due to the reduction of water activity by the glycerol, preventing the growth of micro- organisms. These hydrogel properties also help SilverStream® to keep the wound moist for a longer time.

Is there a time frame after which the Silver Stream treatment should be discontinued?

As long as the daily use (within 24 hours) is restricted to 700mL of SilverStream® solution, treatment may be continued without any time limitation.

How often should I change the Dressing?

Wound pending. Generally speaking, if no exudates are present, there is no need to change the dressing as long as we keep the Gaze wet with SilverStream®.

In case of exudates, it is recommended to change as often as twice per day.

Does the Solution has any adverse Events?

No. Over 300K penitents were treated with the solution (globally). No adverse events were shown.

Can SilverStream® treat aged wounds effectively?

The age or the condition of the wound does not limit the use of SilverStream® treatment for the approved indications. Our clinical experience illustrates that stagnant and tenacious wounds have been successfully treated with SilverStream® until complete healing was achieved.

Does the patient experience any burning sensation due to Silver/Menthol?


On the contrary. Most patients found the SilverStream® to have a soothing throughout the whole treatment process. In rare occasions, a patient may initially feel a stinging sensation — but that will dissipate in a short time followed by a slight cooling sensation (due to the presence of menthol) that contributes to the overall soothing effect.

Does SilverStream® cause any damage to adjacent healthy, normal skin?

No. Due to the lower concentration of active Silver Ions, and the PH of 7.4, no damage is caused to the surrounding normal skin. Also, no pigmentation or darkening of the skin has been observed.

Does the syringe needle need to penetrate the wound?

No. The SilverStream® solution is applied directly onto the wound while the syringe needle should be kept ~1 cm away from the wound bed.

Is it necessary to first wash/irrigate the wound with Saline and then soak the wound with SilverStream®?

SilverStream® should be used by itself as a stand-alone solution.

The wound can be washed with water or soapy water prior to the application. The use of any other solutions in combination with SilverStream® might reduce its efficacy, hence it is not recommended.

What is the effect of the hypertonic solution?

The hypertonic property of the solution prevents maceration and facilitates the mechanical removal of exudates and micro-organisms.

Is surgical debridement of necrotic tissue recommended alongside the SilverStream® therapy?

Debridement in any form is symbiotic to use of SilverStream® and hence, surgical removal/ debridement of necrotic tissue is beneficial as co-therapy with SilverStream®. Generally speaking, a necrotic tissue of up to 3-4mm, can be debrided by the SilverStream® Solution application.

What is the recorded efficacy score of SilverStream®?

59% wound size reduction in wounds measuring between 1-15 cm2, within just 4 weeks (a superior result in comparison with Sheehan Criteria)

Can SilverStream® be used for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)?

Yes. SilverStream® can be used effectively as the irrigant for either continuous or intermittent NPWT, using 500mL bottles with septum closure.

What is the reason for the pain relief provided by SilverStream®?

Glycerol and menthol contribute to the pain relief effect of SilverStream®, as well as accelerated Wound Healing induced by the solution.

What known medical facility in the US is using SilverStream® Solution?

The solution is used at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH, Boston) for over 9 years with great success.