Global WholeHealth Partners



Mission Statement

Global WholeHealth Partners’ Corporation (GWHP) mission is to establish and maintain the highest standards of products that improve and accelerate the wound healing process and rapid diagnostic tests. While our focus is specific, it serves a monumental Medical need throughout the world!

Global WholeHealth Partners’ (GWHP)

Our Vision

Our Vision is to heal the world by connecting healthcare professionals and patients to the best diagnostic and medical technologies and to use our business to inspire and implement solutions for the worst threats to human life and healthcare.

Together We Can Heal the World

What We Do

GWHP is an international supplier of cutting-edge technologies that detect the presence of diseases ahead of our industry competitors. These technologies include Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDT). For example, instead of healthcare professionals and patients waiting 48-72 hours for results, our tests can provide answers within 90 minutes at the most, and some within less than 5 minutes.