A Comparitive Study of Efficacy of SilverStream vs. Povidone Iodine in Healing Diabetic Ulcers

International Surgery Journal, Kumar A et al. Int Surg J.

Authors:Ashwani Kumar, Satinderjit S. Bajaj, Jagminder K. Bajaj

Background :

Diabetic ulcers affect morbidity, mortality and QOL of patients. Wound debridement and dressing using antiseptics are part of standard treatment. Silver stream solution containing silver ions, menthol, glycerol and surfactant has shown promising results in chronic DFU. But no clinical trials have been conducted yet. The aim of the study was to compare effectiveness of silver stream solution with traditionally used povidone iodine in healing diabetic ulcers.

Materials and Method:

100 diabetic ulcer patients randomly divided into 2 groups A and B of 50 each, received ulcer dressing with silver stream solution or povidone iodine respectively every 48 hourly. Ulcer size and healing was evaluated at 2 weeks intervals for 8 weeks or till ulcer healed.


Patients of both groups were comparable in their age/sex distribution, duration, control of diabetes and pretreatment mean ulcer size. At end of 8 weeks, percentage reduction in mean ulcer size was much more in group A (89.51%) than in group B (33%). All patients treated with silver stream responded, though response was partial in (10%). Patients having poor glycemic control. In contrast only 46% showed complete response to povidone iodine, 42% had partial response and 12% did not responded.


Response rate with silver stream dressing is significantly higher and reduction in mean ulcer size at end of 8 weeks treatment is significantly more than with povidone iodine.