SilverStream Clinical Evidence & Success Stories

Diabetic Ulcers | Venous Ulcers | Pressure Ulcers | Burns | Trauma Cases | Others

The catalog contains scientific clinical data on the use of SilverStream for the treatment of various types of wounds. A group of experts evaluated the clinical use of SilverStream for wound healing.
This data is a clear scientific evidence of how SilverStream Solution can create an optimal wound healing environment.

  1. Amputated Diabetic Foot Ulcer
  2. Amputated 9 Month Old Diabetic Foot Ulcer Healed
  3. 24 Weeks Old Venous Ulcer on the Leg
  4. 20 Weeks Old Chronic Venous Ulcer with Presence of Pseudomonas Infection Treated
  5. Amputated Leg with Venous Ulcer on Thighs
  6. Elimination of Pseudomonas Infection from 6 Year Old Venous Ulcer
  7. Furnace Burns on Forearm Severely Infected with Staphylococcus aureus
  8. 3rd Degree Burn on the Abdomen
  9. Domestic Burn Wound of a Minor on Shoulder and Under Arm
  10. Pseudomonas Infection Elimination in an Electric Burn Patient
  11. Infected Stage III, Pressure Ulcer on Hip Region
  12. 8 Month Old Pressure Ulcer of a Paraplegic Patient
  13. Degloving Injury of the Back
  14. Chronic Trauma Case with Severe Infection on the Leg
  15. Case of an Amputated Stump
  16. Trauma Case with an Infected Right Leg
  17. Chronic Hip Infection, Post Trauma Surgery
  18. 10 Year Old Wound which Originated out of Minor Injury
  19. Mysterious 1 Year Old Chronic Ulcer Originated from a Shoe Bite
  20. Foot Abscess with Chronic Infection

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