SilverStream and Negative Pressure Vaccum: A Novel Approach for the Treatment of Complex Wounds Post Resection of Pilonidal Disease

Ido Mizrahi, MD, Noemie Nalbandian, RN MPH. Department of General Surgery, Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, Israel

Background :

Pilonidal disease presents with a wide range of symptoms and multiple treatment options exist. Resection of the disease with primary closure might result with wound infection, delayed wound healing, and recurrence. Hence, surgical resection with secondary intent wound healing is often performed. Silver stream solution and negative pressure vacuum system offers rapid wound healing while avoiding wound complications.

Aim :

To describe our results with a novel approach using silver stream solution and negative pressure vacuum system for secondary intent wound healing after pilonidal surgery.

Materials and Method:

We hereby describe two cases of complicated pilonidal surgery. Patient #1 had a large pilonidal sinus projecting to his right lower buttock. After complete excision of his disease he was treated with negative pressure vaccum and silver stream. His wound was completely closed 8 weeks after surgery. Patient #2 was treated with silver stream alone with complete wound closure 7 weeks after surgery. No complication was recorded. Both patients reported minimal pain after surgery.


Patient #1



Patient #2


Silver stream solution and/or negative pressure vacuum offers rapid secondary wound healing after pilonidal disease surgery. Cosmetic results are excellent with no recurrence.

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