Role of Silver Nitrate Solution Dressings Overconventional Dressings in Chronic Lower Limb Ulcers

Authors:Chanda Sukanya, Adeppa Penugonda, Venkataprakash Gandikota, Chinni Anupama,G.Harsha vardhan reddy, Department of General Surgery, Sri Venkateswara Medical College, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

Objective :

To Study the effect of silver nitrate solution over conventional dressings in management of chronic lower limb ulcers.

Background :

Chronic leg ulcers are a significant cause of morbidity indeveloping countries like India, leading to excessive health care expensesand loss of effective work hours. Various novel methods are available, like vacuum assisted closure, offloading technique nanosilver dressings etc, in order to facilitate earlier recovery with a varied response among the patients. In spite of availability of various novel modalities in the management, foot ulcers have become a major cause of morbidity and hence this study aims to compare the effectiveness of silver nitrate solution dressings and total conventional dressings in outcome of healing in chronic lower limb ulcers in order to standardize a procedure with maximum benefits.

Materials and Method:

A comparative Prospective study was conducted on a total of 160 individuals presenting with chronic lower limb ulcers, divided into two groups, Group A (patients treated with silver nitrate solution dressings) and Group B (patients treated with conventional dressings ) who were treated until wound healing, either spontaneous or surgical. The study was conducted from September 2018 to September 2019 in patents admitted with Plantar foot ulcers in Department of General Surgery, in tertiary care Hospital.


In this study male sex distribution is 80% and female distribution is 20%. Most common aetiology was diabetes, which is 53.12% followed by trauma which is 21.87% .Most common location of ulcer was leg which belongs to 63.12%. Initial wound size mean with Group A and Group B was 8.06±1.76 cm2 and 7.79±1.75cm2. Final wound size was 1.94cm2 in Group A and 3.84 cm2 in Group B. Mean number of dressings in Group A and Group B was 22.65 and 27.30 respectively. Percentage negative culture and sensitivity at 14th day in Group A and Group B was 75 and 34 patients respectively. Mean hospital stay with Group A and Group B was 25.35 and 35.91 days respectively.


Silver nitrate solution dressings appears more effective when compared with conventional dressings in the treatment of chronic lower limb ulcers, with effectively lower duration of hospital stay and earlier return to work.

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