Taiwan – SilverStream Saves Lives

Nearly 500 people were injured in a severe explosion at Taiwan water park. The main suggestion was that a colored powder that event organizers were blasting onto the crowd may have triggered the explosion. The accident occurred amid the party. The majority of injured and suffered from burns were overwhelmingly young.

At least 498 people were hurt, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, which cited New Taipei’s Public Health Department. No deaths were reported. Forty-three hospitals were treating casualties. A few people were seriously hurt. At least 200 victims were in critical condition. So, the hospitals were suffering from acute medical supplies and a lack of spaces in the specialized burn units.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare urgently requested medical supplies to manage burns and skin grafts for the hundreds of victims.

SilverStream Medical offered medical aid to the accident casualties. In order to provide the best medical care, relieve pain and accelerate healing, the Ministry of Health in Taiwan has expedited the regulatory procedure and urgently approved the use of SilverStream to treat the injured. SilverStream Medical products have already been authorized as a medical device by the US FDA and have been approved in over 20 countries worldwide for the management of wounds and burns. A shipment with 198 bottles was delivered to Mackay Memorial Hospital and Tri-Service General Hospital as a Donation from SilverStream Medical. SilverStream Medical provided a unique solution containing silver ions for accelerating natural wound healing processes.

After short-term use of the silver-ion-containing solution by SilverStream Medical, Patients showed significant improvement in wound status. SilverStream reduced the microbial load on the wound surface, prevented infection, prompted granulation tissue, and in some cases decreased burn wound size and pain.

SilverStream therapeutic exposure facilitated rapid burn healing for injured in blast at Taiwan water park. The casualties were soon discharged from the hospital.