Case study of a patient suffering from Venous Insufficiency on the right leg treated with Qurion and Jet Force

Study was initiated on: 06/27/2015
Sex of the patient: Female
Age: 46 years
Type of Wound: Overweight patient, with a non-healing venous ulcer on the lower right leg with a thick and stubborn biofilm, non-responsive to multiple treatments.
Age of the wound: 8 months
Previous treatments used: Hydroheal gel, with T-Bact ointment for the itching, followed by regular dressing changes with Paraffin gauze dressings.
Wound condition before: The wound was very itchy and small in size with no signs of healing. Surgical procedure was performed to eliminate the underlying infection and to surgically scrape off the biofilm. Gradually it developed into a huge infectious wound with a tough biofilm, difficult and painful to debride. Moreover, the wound was not responding to any kind of treatment being used and showed no change in its shape or size for an extremely long period.It was then, that the doctor decided to start with a combination treatment of Jet Force along with Qurion.
Wound condition after the combination treatment: The combination treatment of Qurion with Jet Force was started with an every-week dressing ritual, whereas, alternate-day dressing was done with Qurion alone.
The wound improved in the following regards:

  1. Wound size started to reduce
  2. Pain level decreased
  3. New skin started to develop on the wound edges with fresh granulation seen
  4. The color of the wound started to change from yellow to red as new blood vessels began forming.
    The healing process was relatively slow as the patient was obese which led to the adipose tissue becoming hypoxic from lack of angiogenesis and hence the wound did not come to complete closure. The treatment with Qurion is still ongoing along with Gentamycin injections given on a weekly basis.

⚠ Warning: the content may be hard to watch